Photography Policy - IFS UK&I User Group

At User Group events we sometimes take photographs and on occasion we also take videos.

Usually photographs will be taken using personal phones and devices belonging to committee members, occasionally we will arrange a professional to record the event.

Photographs and Videos may be used on our social media platforms, in e-mails, on our website, on posters and leaflets and on occasion we may share the images with IFS so that they can assist us in promoting the User Group to their customers.

We will always inform you if we are recording an event in this way.

If you do not wish to be included in photographs or videos, please inform the User Group Manager or another member of the committee. Please ask them to confirm to you in writing, including their name and signature, that they will ensure that you are not included in any photographs or video from that event. Committee members can be identified at events by their pink lanyards.

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