The IFS UK&I User Group, Summer Conference has started! - IFS UK&I User Group

The Summer Conference started yesterday with over 60 Members attending to hear our speakers.

Roger Teagle, Director & Jay Hopkinson, Senior Supply Chain Consultant from Cedar Bay both made presentations on Thursday afternoon.

Jay Hopkinson has over 25 years working in the manufacturing industry and first started using IFS as a customer implementing Apps 7.5 using the EE client.  Since then Jay has worked on implementing versions 8, 9 and 10 and supplying integration and extensibility solutions with Cedar Bay to fulfil specific customer requirements.

Roger is the founder of Cedar Bay and has been involved in working with or for with Manufacturing companies for the last 25 years. Roger helped develop the Cedar Bay application which was designed to streamline collection of data into IFS.

Cedar Bay – Paperless Manufacturing with IFS, streamlining the recording of information from the Shop floor

In this session, Roger and Jay described how they have delivered real business improvements with a series of case studies. They discussed concepts, explained how they relate to Industry 4.0 and demonstrated examples of how they have carried out specific improvements with removing paper from quality processes, factory documentation, scales and dispensing systems.

Members will be able to see a copy of this presentation, in the next few days, (and many others) in our Archived Events pages.

Many thanks to Roger and Jay and the Cedar Bay team for supporting the IFS UK&I User Group Summer Conference!


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